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    Problem Re-Installing Lightroom- Help!


      I had a Macbook Pro, and back in the spring it was stolen. I had adobe photoshop and lightroom installed on it. While I didn't have any problems reinstalling my photoshop since I still had my disk, I seem to have completely misplaced my Lightroom disk...So I searched around to find ways to reinstall it without the disk and only using my serial number I still have, and the majority of people said to download the latest version and when it prompts you asking if you have a pin or need to buy a pin, simply type in your original pin. I did this and Adobe is saying I am entering an invalid pin.


      Is it because I purchased Lightroom 4 and the download available from Adobe currently is 4.3? I'm using the 30 day free trial as of right now but I am a photographer and I need it for longer use, and I of course don't want to pay for something again if I don't need to. Any suggestions or solutions would be so appreciated. Dx