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    Phantom recording

      I recently upgraded to Captivate 3 and currently need to update some CP2 simulations. I brought in the file with zero problems and wanted to record additional slides to the existing project. The recording mode is set to "Custom" where I only record text captions, click boxes, and text entry boxes (no captions are recorded). I stop the recording by pressing the <End> key. So, I'll record my slides, which includes text entry, press the <End> key and two things happen.

      1. Only the first few slides that I recorded will be added to the project. As well, it will take up to a minute for one or two more slides to show up. If I toggle between the Storyboard, Edit, and Branching views, then other freshly-recorded slides may appear, but only within its respective view. I'm only recording maybe eight slides total.

      2. Since slides do not show up within the project, if I try to add more slides, I will get the message, "Another session of Adobe Captivate is currently recording. Please close the other session of Adobe Captivate before trying to record." There is no recording to end that I can find, either within the program or on the task bar, and have to close out of the program.

      Since this happened a few times in CP3, I tried to use CP2, which is still loaded on my IBM Thinkpad, and the same thing happened in that version as well. I have never had any problems with Captivate until this incident. Any help would be great. Thanks! Ben