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    equivalent settings in photoshop for hdr merge?

    Iain Malcolm

      I want to find settings I can use in photoshop hdr merge that give similar results to lightroom's hdr merge.


      I have a large number of photos to merge from a timelapse sequence, and the lack of automation in lightroom makes it a very tedious job as each one has to be done by hand. - unless you know a way to do this????


      I really like the hdr merge in Lightroom cc, it is quite easy to get realistic looking images which extend well beyond the capabilities of a single photo.


      But to automate the process it looks like I'll have to use photoshop to do the merge but I cannot find settings to use in photoshop cc's hdr pro merge that work remotely as well as lightroom's hdr merge - even once I manage to avoid crushing the blacks or blowing the whites it comes out with weird color casts.


      Can I make photoshop hdr merge give similar results to the lightroom version?