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    ID CC2015 - freezes on startup

    notannhavoc Level 1

      Please help - I've had this problem before - ID freezes on startup - when it was ID2014 - it froze on the screen that says - welcome - new features which  connects to the internet  [I think]  i tried deleting preferences, deleting cache files and finally  as a last resort - created a new user account - which  was a terrible solution in that it took months for  me to  get everything back to working the way it was.

      I have window 7, lots of fonts but no font manager- am administrator.

      This time with CC2025 - it came up with a message that CC libraries failed to open - there is a link but that  just takes you to general help page about the wonders and virtues of CC libraries [which I find incredibly annoying and wish to suppress]

      What both instances have in common is that both times, I had  about 12 files open - was working on them  - left PC running and when I came back - system had rebooted [Window update or whatever]

      In one of the earlier instances , I was able to solve this issue by deleting all recovery files in the cache folder.

      however, this time - nothing seems to work - it  actually isn't frozen - just incredibly ssssloooowwww - takes 2 minutes or so for each command - mouse movements are jerky and delayed as if system is busy trying to do something.

      I can't believe that Adobe  did this to me again - I pay $50 per month for the privilege of spending  my time  trying to get  software to run - I am a very small business and use ID for  a variety of clients - none of whom have CC2015 - I had inadvertently "updated" without realizing that  my 2014 version would no longer  be  installed

      Now ID is unusable and all of my latest files are in CC2015!