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    Double-click in ActionScript 1



      I must create a mini-app consisting in a visual effect (moving smoke of colors) deployed on an image. Events are :

      -- app shows the background image

      -- visual effect starts on double-click (same-background + animation)

      -- visual effect stops on double-click

      -- app shows the background image again (no visual effect).


      The client wants me to use an effect he provided to me.

      The effect was done in ActionScript 1. Personally, I’m working with ActionScript 3 (CCS3, 4, 5).

      Adapting the effect was OK, but adding the double-click created a problem : the visual effect simply stopped working.


      I greatly need your help. I don’t know how to introduce the double-click (effect ON/OFF).

      My deadline is almost here and I battle (without success) with this double-click since already four days.


      Please, help a beginner !