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    Button script to show an image


      Hello everyone,


      I have created a survey form in InDesign CC which would be exported as a PDF. The form contains fillable text fields and two buttons against each question (yes and no). What I want is that, when a user clicks on the 'yes' button, an image (smiley face) gets displayed next to that question. Similarly, upon clicking 'no' a sad face appears. Can anybody please tell me how and where to script this action? These actions need to occur in the final PDF (interactive, I believe?). I am new to scripting and don't really know how to go about it. Any sort of help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          Here's some things you will need to do. The smiley and frown images need to be converted to buttons. Each of these buttons need to be hidden until triggered. The Yes button needs to have an Event (On Click) and Action (Show/Hide Buttons and Forms). Then you need to turn on the visibility for the Smiley Button for when the button is clicked.


          Note, this will turn on the smiley button when the yes button is clicked, and leave it turned on. For turning the visibility off afterwards, or if the No button is clicked, you will need to apply additional events and actions to the buttons.


          Note, the capture below shows the properties of the Yes button. Hidden until Triggered would not be turned on for the Yes button, but would be turned on for smiley and frown buttons.


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            pleinedevie Level 1

            That was very intuitive and helpful! Totally worked. Thanks Jeffery.