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    Program Not Responding During Burn Process


      Hi everyone, hoping someone can help me out.


      I filmed and edited some school dance performances, 3 shows total, but one of them if having issues burning.  I can't pin it down to an issue with the DVD drive, the system, or the project.

      I'm using a Windows 8 PC, Premiere Elements 11, 6 GB RAM with a decent video card.


      The project in question contains multiple edited clips, chapter stops (aware of the limit of 25), and menus.

      When I try to burn my project to a disc, it completes Encoding, completes Compiling Media, but then goes to 5% of Burning to Disc and hangs there, eventually resulting in the software to switch to Not Responding in the Task Manager.


      The fact that the media encodes an compiles leads me to believe the video files are not corrupted.

      I had burned a test disc prior to finishing my edits which was successful.

      I've tried restarting my computer several times to ensure there's no memory issues, and made sure there's no unnecessary tasks running.

      There is sufficient HDD space for temp files.

      Both other projects burn without error.

      I've also tried re-saving my project with a new filename on a different HDD.

      I'm not able to Burn to Folder, as it hangs again at the same point after Encoding and Compiling successfully.

      I was able to export the raw video, again leading me to believe that the files themselves are fine.

      I'm concerned there may be a quality drop if I just make a new project with that file (since it would have compressed the video on export, then compress again to fit the DVD.


      I'm at my wits end trying to think of what else to try, and what could cause a single project to fail like this.  I hope I don't have to spend another 6 hours re-editing the whole thing in a new project!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Let us stay with the burn to folder for troubleshooting. It will save some DVDs until the burn to matter is resolved.


          How many Timeline markers and how many of each kind? Are there at least a few frames between the markers on the Timeline?

          Do you have a stop marker at the end of the last item on the Timeline? Maybe close to the end if not the end? If so, remove it since it is not necessary and typically results in burn to failures.


          What specific disc menu theme are you using? Based on number of Timeline scene markers and the number of scenes allowed per scene selection page, what do you end up with in the way of number of main menu pages and number of scene selection pages?


          When you get to the burn dialog, what does the Quality area of the burn dialog show for Space Required and Bitrate with and without a check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space"? Have you been doing the burn to with or without the check mark next to "Fit Content to Available Space".


          Before you do the next burn to, first go to the Encoded Files Folder and delete the files in it. The Encodes Files Folder by default is found in Libraries\Documents\Adobe\Premiere Elements\11.0 in your case. The Encoded Files Folder location can be verified using Edit Menu/Preferences/Scratch Disks/Disk Encoding category. (Also there note the amount of free space indicated for that Encoded Files Folder save location.)


          Depending on how matters progress, try for the burn to folder without movie menu nor Timeline markers.


          In your troubleshooting, you may prefer to work from a copy of the problem project.


          Please consider and let us know the outcome. Any questions or need clarification on the above, please do not hesitate to ask.


          Thank you.



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            znz212 Level 1

            Thank you for the quick response and all the suggestions.


            I have a total of 25 menu markers as I discovered that was the limit.  My menu theme is Pan and Zoom, and there are 6 pages total including the main menu, with 6 scenes per page.

            I don't have a stop marker in the project, and all the menu markers are between 2-4 minutes apart (at the beginning of each song in the dance performance).

            The odd part as this is the exact same setup as the other 2 projects.


            I've been using the Fit to Disc option in the burn dialog, but have also try the manual setting to a bitrate 6.79 Mbits that makes the size around 4.36 GB (capacity 4.7 GB)

            Fit to Disc sets it at 6.82 Mbits / 4.38 GB.


            I checked the Encoded Files folder, verifying the location through the edit menu, but all of the sub-folders were empty.


            I'm running another test right now without any menus or menu markers and will touch base again tomorrow.

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply with more information about your Premiere Elements issue.


              Just in case mention...the DVD disc that is labelled 4.7 GB/120 minutes is in reality 4.38 GB. And, the DVD disc that is labelled 8.5 GB/240 minutes is in reality 7.95 GB.


              From your number, you clearly have too much for that one disc. Lowering of the bitrate automatically by the program or manually by you are not going to alter that situation...essentially same result. Lowered bitrate (max 8.00 Mbps to 6.8 Mbps) should be resulting with lower quality end product. For this particular case, have you looked at the burn to with the DVD double layer single sided disc. For your troubleshooting, does burn to Folder (8.5 GB) work while burn to Folder (4.7 GB) does not. In that study, please work with "Fit Content To Available Space" with check mark next to it.


              You wrote

              I'm running another test right now without any menus or menu markers and will touch base again tomorrow.

              The result from that could reflect

              a. problem with the Timeline markers and/or disc menu theme


              b. the fact that you are freeing up space required for the DVD disc


              How do your successful burn tos compare with regard to Space Required and Bitrate?


              Thanks for the follow up. Looking forward to your results as your schedule permits.



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                znz212 Level 1

                The burn still failed without menus or markers.

                I'm not sure that the filesize is too big, as my other 2 projects both used the "Fit to available space" option with a 4.38 GB filesize.


                I'm just really confused.  What part of the project could be corrupted that it won't burn to a disc, yet all the video files are in tact since I can use the "For Computer" option and save the video as a file.


                I think if I take any longer on this, I would have been better off to recreate the project and re-edit the whole thing (hoping that the same issue doesn't arise...)

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Before you abandon this project, consider making a copy of the project (menus et al) and working with the copy. As "this is just a test",  delete half the content of the copy and do a burn to folder (to save a disc) and see if that works.


                  As I read it, you do not have a file size of 4.38 GB. That 4.38 GB is the capacity of the disc and the program is trying to reduce the file size of your content to fit into that 4.38 GB space. And, I would suggest that the difficulty that it has in doing this is behind the burn to failures.


                  Please compare the Space Required and Bitrate values with and without the enabling of Fit Content to Available Space. What are they?





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                    znz212 Level 1

                    I'm trying to burn to Folder once more at the higher capacity.

                    To answer the other questions, if I uncheck the "Fit" option and move the slider to the highest video quality, the space required would be 5.16 GB.

                    I've still not sure why it would have issues reducing the file size, since it's the shortest of my 3 projects.  But we'll see how this goes.


                    If it does work at the higher capacity, what would you suggest?  I can't cut the content down any more than it is, and it has no issues reducing the other file sizes.


                    I'm completely at a loss

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      I was waiting for the latest series of test results that you were doing several days ago (referring to post 6). How did they turn out?


                      Did you ever get around to doing the troubleshooting test of copy project, work from copy. delete 1/2 the content of the copy, and try for the burn to DVD?


                      Or, are you now in the process of redoing this particular project, starting with a new project?


                      I know that you were concerned about quality hits related to the Timeline content to file and then taking that file to disc. Did you ever actually do that?

                      Depending on the file size of the intermediary coupled with the lowered bitrate in the burn dialog, I wondered if the quality of the end product would make that workaround worthwhile.


                      Looking forward to learning of your progress as your schedule permits.





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                        znz212 Level 1

                        I did complete a few more tests using Burn to Folder.  I tried making a copy of the project, removing 1/2 the content/menu markers, etc, with no resolution.

                        I've ended up re-editing the entire project, and completing a test each time I finished editing 10 minutes of the timeline.


                        All the test burns completed when I had finished all the edits, completed with menu markers and a menu using a custom image for the background on the main menu (Pan and Zoom theme),


                        My most recent test burn failed, and the only modification was adding a custom image background in the chapter menus, and moving the location of the back/forward/menu buttons on each page.

                        So it seems like I've narrowed down the issue, but it again makes no sense since I used the same background image and button layouts on the other 2 projects that worked.


                        Hopefully the person I'm creating these DVDs for is okay with the different, less efficient, menu structure for this particular DVD.


                        I really do appreciate all your help and the followup.

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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Thanks for the summary and update.


                          The movie menu situation pointing to cause and effect (background insert and navigation button rearrangement) is puzzling. I would have thought that we would have seen that as a cause sooner doing the burn to without menus and Timeline markers. And, if the addition of movie menus was pushing the project over the "computer resource edge", we should have seen that in the 1/2 project try.


                          But, congratulations on finding a workaround that will move the project on to the viewers. Do your viewers have players that support DVD double layer single sided discs. I wonder if it would make a difference - DVD 4.7 GB/120 minutes versus DVD 8.5 GB/240 minutes. There definitely should be a quality edge to that if the burn to succeeds.


                          Thanks for considering and following up on the troubleshooting plans.


                          Best wishes