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    "Fit width" for PDFs. [Android]


      This is a query about Acrobat Reader -- I have a Nexus 7 (2012 version), if this is important.


      Is there a general "fit width" option available?


      In "single page" view, holding the Nexus in portrait orientation gives a full-page view, but this is often too small for me.  Holding it in landscape also gives a full-page view (which is of course tiny), and while double-tapping sometimes makes it full-width, often this zooms in much too far.


      In "continuous" view, the default zoom is indeed "fit width" -- however, it does this based on the width of the whole document.  So if the PDF has one extra-wide page, then the rest are tiny.


      So, is there either (a) a way to have "single page" view default to "fit width" in landscape, or (b) a way to make "continuous" view fit to the width of each page as you scroll through, rather than to the widest page?  Thanks for any help!