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    What is your favorite change or new feature in After Effects from version 12.0 or later?

    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

      What is your favorite change (whether a new feature, a tweaked behavior, or a bug fix) in After Effects CC (12.0) or later?


      Since we moved to the Creative Cloud model, we've been more able to focus on tweaks to make workflows more efficient, under-the-hood infrastructure changes, and smaller user-requested features, as opposed to focusing on big, glitzy features to try to catch your eye and compel you to put down a lot of money at once on an expensive upgrade.


      One of the problems of doing several small releases in the past few years, though, is that a lot of the small but useful changes have gone unnoticed by many people. I'm going to try to address that over the next few months by posting some articles about my favorite changes in After Effects from the past few years.


      To inform these articles, I'd like for all of you to help by telling me what your favorite changes are. Also, if you know of any resources (tutorials, articles, and such) that explain your favorite changes very well, then list those, too.


      To refresh your memory, here are the pages with all of the details of what's new and changed in each version of After Effects from After Effects CC (12.0) forward:



      Please, if you want to talk about something else, do so on a different thread so that this thread can just be used for the purpose of accumulating people's votes and comments on their favorite changes.