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    Robohelp Server 7

      I bought the product called Robohelp Server 7 and I am not sure if it includes Robohelp Office 7 with it. I already installed the product and didn't see anything refering to Client (Robohelp Office 7 or any tool to create the help file format). In other words, I am not able to create a help file from word or html by installing this product.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          It does not include RH7. RH Server 7 is for installing on a server ONLY if you want to use the features of WebHelp Pro which is just one of the RH outputs.

          To generate help you need RH7 which you will find here.


          If you have installed RH Server 7 and don't need it, it sounds like a costly mistake.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi heloisacool and welcome to the RH community.
            Robohelp Server 7 dies not have the capability to create the help file. It is only a tool to publish the help to a server from where users can access it. It also has some advanced reporting and search features. To produce the help file itself you will need a version of Robohelp. Note you do not need to have RoboHelp 7 to do this. You can use an older version.
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              heloisacool Level 1
              Thank you so much for your reply. I do understand that I can have an older version of Robohelp but I think the version I have is too old (2002 r.2) and it will not generate the file I need in order to publish it. Don't I need a Webhelp Pro extension in order to publish it? Again, I really appreciate your help responding to my issue and I will try to look for the Webhelp format I have from my older version and try to publish it.
              Heloisa Almeida
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                heloisacool Level 1
                Thank you so much for your quick response. I wanted to make sure I was not missing anything when I got the CD. I couldn't find any client tool to manage a word doc to create a help file.
                Your answer was very helpful.
                Thank you.
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                  Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                  Webhelp of either sort is not a single file. It is a whole bunch of files and folders. Can we step back and find out what sort of help you need to generate?

                  First thing is will the help be installed on the users PC as you will need a CHM file for that and RH Server is totally irrelevant.

                  If it is going to be installed to a server, then you need webhelp but which version. If you need the additional features of RH Server then you output WebHelp Pro, otherwise WebHelp.

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                    RoboColum(n) Level 5
                    If you want to use RoboHelp Server 7 you have to output your help in the WebHelp Pro format. As far as I am aware, only versions back to and including RoboHelp X5 can be published with RoboHelp Server 7. Therefore you are probably right that version 2002 is too old.
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                      RoboColum(n) Level 5
                      Sorry Peter. I keep threading on your toes in this thread with my size 11s ;-)
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                        Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                        No problem. Two answers are better than none.

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                          heloisacool Level 1
                          I want to be able to generate both file, one to deploy with my application (in house) which would be the .chm file and another to be used for a web application which would be the Webhelp Pro format if I understood correctly.
                          I think the final answer for me is to keep my Robohelp Server 7 CD and buy the new and improved Robohelp Office 7 so that I have all the tools I need to create my 2 files.
                          Your response was extremely helpful and I really, really appreciate your time.

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                            heloisacool Level 1
                            Peter is right, it is better to have more help than any help at all. I think you are right, my version is too old to create the webhelp files I need to be published. I think the key here is too keep the Robohelp Server 7 and buy the new Robohelp Office 7 which should give me all the new features and help me create the help files I need in both formats (.chm, .xpj, .mpj or .hpj).
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                              MergeThis Level 4
                              A few observations:

                              A .chm file is a single file containing all of your help content, wrapped up within the Microsoft HH Viewer (that is, it does not need a browser to be viewed on a user's local machine).

                              The .xpj file is the basic source project file that RH X5 and higher uses. The .mpj and .hpj files are from older versions.

                              WebHelp is multiple files (and folders) containing your help content and browser viewing instructions (setting the three-panel frameset, etc.). IF you decide to use RH Server 7 to track usage and improve the search function on a server you control, you then have to output WebHelp Pro. Otherwise, regular WebHelp can be viewed by users on their own servers (and distributed by you on a CD, over FTP, whatever).

                              Good luck,