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    Adobe Edge


      I have button when clicked shows value in textbox,i want to change the color of button to green,when clicked.

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          Ares Hovhannesyan Adobe Community Professional
          1. Create rectangle
          2. Add keyframe for color
          3. Create another keyframe on timeline and change color of rectangle (you can "switch off" you "Auto transition Mode" if you do not want snoot animation)
          4. Add Label to keyframe and name "red"
          5. Go to Action panel and add: sym.Stop()
          6. Add "on click" action to rectancgle:

          // insert code for mouse click here

          // Go to a label or specific time and stop. For example:

          // sym.stop(500); or sym.stop("myLabel");


          7. click on rectangle and your timeline will be referred to keyframe "red"

          In this way you can add four state to your button also




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            resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                 You can change the color with CSS if it is made with let's say a rectangle in Animate. Just use CSS