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    Cannot save by using Photoshop


      I really need technical support / help from someone 


      I paid for Adobe software, but I never expect it can't be used.

      print screen 1.png


      Photoshop version.jpg


      • I cannot use "Save" / "Save as " function on Photoshop (print screen as above)
      • after click "Save" / "Save as " , nothing appears.
      • If click "Save", the original can be saved. But how can I save a New copy or in other format? cannot for now
      • Even I update Photoshop, or uninstall and re-install Photoshop, still the same issue
      • Didn't happened before. I used this program the same way for 2 months. Yesterday still no problem, it suddenly happens today.

      Computer Specs:

      • Mac mini (Late 2014) (2.6 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3)
      • CS6 Adobe Creative Suite Design & Web Premium (Windows version)
      • by using Parallels desktop
      • My virtual Windows 7.1 C drive ---have enough hard disk space and memory