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    Questions about Publish Online

    jhsca Level 1

      Some questions.about this great feature.


      1. Permanence of the URL.

      After I publish online, how permanent is the URL. As it's a Tech Preview, is there a possibility that an online document could be lost with future changes. Pulish Online is a perfect solution for a project I am working on. The finished product will be published on the clients website in the Fall. I was thinking that I could use Iframe on the clients website with the indd.adobe.com URL.  But this is not a feasible plan if the URL on indd.adobe.com could "go away" at some future date?


      2. Is it possible to obtain the files that are uploaded to the "Cloud" (ie indd.adobe.com) and host them on the client's server?


      3. How do I share a documents creaated with Publish Online on Behance.  "Share on Behance" only share a single page, I would like to be able to show the HTML5 version of the whole document on Behance.





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          jhsca Level 1

          Further to this question. is it possible to get an answer from someone in the "Publish Online" development team. I need to make a decision soon whether to continue with the plan to use "Publish Online" for this project or look for some other format.



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            dig_dig_dig Level 1

            I'm looking to do the same thing.  I have some proprietary information that will be published in a document created with InDesign.  I will be publishing confidential content to a client's private server and it cannot go onto a public Adobe server.  I really wish there was a way to just export an HTML directory with all of the assets included right to my PC and then upload it to the client directly. 

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              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Use a fixed layout epub. Pretty much the same thing.

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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I think Bob's suggestion is a good one.


                Publish Online is a technology in development. If your workflow depends on permanency and confidentiality, I don't think that the support system is in place for that to happen to your liking yet.


                It's explicitly listed as a Technology Preview. It's first public release was only in June of this year. It's in pretty rapid development but it took the Digital Publishing Suite system several years to develop an infrastructure like you're looking for.

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                  dig_dig_dig Level 1

                  You raise a valid point Steve.  For the time being I am exporting to flash and thinking about making the switch to HTML5 via IN5 soon.  I was just excited to see that Adobe had fixed some of the display issues that I was running into when using the publish to web feature.  It looks like a great tool that I hope to explore in the future.