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        I replied to the email and also here.

        I tried both of your suggestions and still get the message "The Activex Control for Flash Player could not be registered".

        A rogue program (Performax Cleaner) found its way to my computer. I cannot get rid of it.

        Could that be the problem?  I do not know what to do.

        Thanks for all you have tried to do, but I am at a loss.


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          maria__ Adobe Employee

          Hi Tal,


          It's possible.  I'm not familiar with Performax Cleaner, but did a quick search on it.  Most every search result indicated this was essentially malware.  My recommendation is to remove it, although, from what I've read it's not easy to remove.  We don't provide support for removing malware.  I would start by running a complete malware, adware, and virus scan on your system.  Hopefully whatever anti-virus/malware/adware program you use catches it and removes it.  If not, I recommend finding a trusted source for fixing computers and having them fix your computer.




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