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    Why is there no save option under the file menu and how do I change where things are stored??


      Ok, I am both new to OS 10.10, and new to the creative cloud, but I think I'm losing my mind. Why is there no save option under the file menu in Lightroom? How do I save changes? When I open a file I've edited in Lightroom, it seems to have the changes applied, but those changes are not reflected in the original file if I open it with preview. If Lr is saving information in some kind of sidecar/ database and applying it each time I open the file, what happens if I change the name of the file or move it to a different directory? I'd really like to have a complete understanding of exactly what is being stored where but I cannot seem to find that info. I'd also like to change those locations as I usually store everything on dropbox so I have automatic web backups. (I thought everything stored to the creative cloud folder so it would automatically be available across all my computers and devices, but apparently not?) I'd much rather manage my library from the finder than with any sort of proprietary database.