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    Lightroom is so slow that I can'use it


      My config :

      W7-64 SP1

      32Go Mem

      Graphic : GeForce GTX 970/PCIe/SSE2

      Lightroom 6.1.1

      The file is on a SSD  1T (873Mo Free)

      The system is on another SSD 250Go (110 Go Free)

      The pictures are on a HDD (2T) with 1T free


      I had imported a Catalog from another computer.

      No problem for Import.

      The catalog is now 50 000 pictures

      Now It's impossible to use Lightroom because  of slow.

      To start need from 5 to 15 minuts !

      Everything I wnat to do take a impossible time.

      I try to optimise the catalog, but not change.


      another catalog (15000 pictures) is OK


      What can I do ?