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    Copy Lightroom Library and catalog to a completely different drive?

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      I might be dense or it might not be easy. I claim chemo-brain if it turns out to be obvious!


      I currently have my entire photo library, tagged and keyworded (several hundred gb) on a remote drive and the lrcat file on my laptop. I know that if I move my lrcat file to another computer and plug in my drive then it will access the library completely.


      However, I now have enough space on my iMac that I can move the entire library to it's hard drive.  I am assuming that even if I move the lrcat file to the same drive, then when I double-click it, LR will go looking for my remote drive and not see the images on the iMac. 


      Is it possible to move the library and the catalog file in such a way that LR will be able to recognize that all of the files are now on the iMac?


      Thank you very much for any help you can provide!



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          LR tracks your images by path and file name. If you move them to a different drive, you just need to tell LR where you moved them to.


          Copy the catalog and preview folder to a folder of your choosing on the new drive.

          Using Finder, copy the images to your new drive by copying the top-level folder(s) from the old drive.

          Start LR, if it is using the old catalog, open the catalog on the new drive.

          In the Folders panel, select one of the top-level folders, right-click, "update folder location", navigate to the folder on the new drive. Repeat as needed.