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    Camera Specific Color Profiles for Olympus Stylus 1 lost after firmware upgrade

    excorp11 Level 1

      Adobe added camera specific color profiles (Vivid, Natural, Muted, Portrait) for Olympus at the end of 2013.  When I first purchased my Olympus Stylus 1, these worked great and all showed up in Lightroom.



      In January 2015, Olympus released a firmware upgrade (2.0) for the Stylus 1, which essentially merged it with the Stylus 1s.  The EXIF data for the camera model used to read "Stylus 1" but now reads "Stylus 1,1s".  With that revision, the camera specific profiles stopped appearing -- only "Adobe Standard" appears.



      Is it possible to get the 4 Olympus specific profiles back?