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    Welcome to Coding Corner

    esermons Adobe Employee

      Hi Adobe Developer community! Welcome to Coding Corner - a new forum space where developers that use Adobe products can talk about best practices, ask questions, and connect - all without the constraints of a product-centric forum! Here's a quick little intro for those who are curious about what this forum will be all about:


      Why did this forum come to be?

      Adobe forums would be nothing without the constant engagement and passion of our extremely active creative community. The Coding Corner itself is the brainchild of the following experts who have also graciously volunteered to nourish this forum from its infancy. They were concerned with the lack of a space for Adobe users who developed across many different platforms, and thought that the creation of this space would help bring this community together. We thank all of them for their hard work in making this this space a reality.

      kglad | Ned Murphy | Nancy+O | Ben Pleysier | Jon Fritz II | David_Powers | sinious | resdesign | Ken Binney | Rob Hecker

      On behalf of Adobe, we thank each one of them for their relentless endeavor in making our forums a better place for our users.

      Who is this forum for? What questions will be asked here?

      This forum is for all levels of developer focused questions. The kind of questions we will encourage will be in the areas of UI/UX, SPA, Web->App (Phonegap, etc), HTML*, CSS, Databases, Structure (XML, JSON, etc), Specification (HTTP, TCP, SSL, etc), Client (JavaScript, Frameworks, Flash, AIR, etc) and Server Side (PHP, ASP, etc) technologies and Services. While it is not limited to these areas, they are what make up the vast majority of development and most of them are used concurrently.


      The unique aspect of this forum is all of the technologies mentioned have multiple Adobe products that can be used in their workflows. Users will no longer need to break questions up into their product-centric bits, posted over potentially multiple forums. A concise problem and answer can be posted and solved in this type of forum.

      Adobe has already taken this approach for design, offering Design Forum. It has no development counterpart to enrich with product-agnostic discussions, questions and answers. These neutral discussions can produce high PR ranking content that developers are likely to find related to their searching, bringing even more users in.

      How do I use Coding Corner so that I get the most out of it?


      Since there are so many different kinds of questions that I can be asked in Coding Corner, we're relying on a "tagging" system to make sure that questions get seen and answered by the right people. On the main Coding Corner page, you'll see a list of "popular tags" that are focused around typical content that we expect to pop up in Coding Corner:

      • If you want to answer a question, users will be able to click directly on these tag links to browse areas that they feel comfortable in and provide expert assistance
      • If you want to ask a question, users can use this list as a reference and make sure to tag all of their questions appropriately - giving them the best chance of getting their question seen


      This system relies on our users to work together and be committed to making sure content is tagged appropriately!


      So, what do I do now?

      Now that this forum is live, we leave it in your hands to make it whatever you'd like it to be!

      • Ask a question: start asking questions or posting helpful content to build up this page as a rich source of knowledge - this will help in attracting more users
      • Post a link to this forum in product-centric spaces: Next time you're perusing the Dreamweaver forum and see someone looking for help debugging their code, post a link to this forum! We want to bring awareness to the developers on the Dreamweaver, Flash Pro, Muse, and other web forums about this space.


      Thanks again for being apart of our thriving Adobe community of committed developers, and welcome to Coding Corner!