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    Pages not printing




      I am new to Indesign and trying to teach myself.  I have created some quite large file which I have been printing, and now one of the booklets won't print.  The smaller files, with exactly the same text and graphics added will print, but this one will not.


      I haven't linked up the images correctly yet, as I am still learning to do this.  But it is printing the other files without the linked images.


      I am printing directly from Indesign.  When I export to Pdf it doesn't print nicely, and deletes some of the images.


      Can anyone help please?

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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          I suggest you take some courses in learning InDesign, it will be worth it in the long run. Have a look at them at Lynda.com and TrainSimple.com.


          In the meantime, the normal procedure is to print from PDF rather than InDesign. When you say it doesn't print nicely, what does that mean?


          The best Adobe pre-set from InDesign for desk-top printers is "High Quality Print".


          Which version of InDesign are you using and what is your OS?