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    RoboHelp window not opening correctly


      Hello All,


      Absolute RH newb here. So calling robo help from a URL thusly:




      Opens the window, but it's a 90x90 pixel window that must be resized. I tried looking at the TechScribe articles and Wvan Weelden and I don't understand how to do the things described. If I were a front end developer I'm sure it would be clear, however I am not. We have an existing JavaScript function:


      function redirectToRoboHelp() {300

          var r$self = r$(this);

          var data = r$self.viewModel();

          var navigationURL = data.BondInfoModel.BondMain.HelpSystemContextUrl();

          window.open(navigationURL, target="_blank", "left=3000,top=3000,width=2000, height=2000");



      And I'm thinking I need to invoke RH_ShowHelp(hParent, a_pszHelpFile, uCommand, dwData).  I don't understand how to do that from where I'm at.