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    Adobe Color CC Themes Question?

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      We are a college with Adobe CC 2015 installed on 25 lab computers. We use device licenses and therefore Adobe CC Desktop is not installed on the lab computers as recommended by Adobe. Is it possible to for students to create themes using Adobe Color CC on their mobile devices and then import those themes on a lab computer? It appears the Adobe CC desktop software would be needed on the desktops in order to do it. Is that correct? Is there a workaround? Any help would be appreciated.


      Janden Richards

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            David__B Adobe Employee

            Hi Janden,


            It should still be possible for students to use the libraries feature and sync assets from their mobile devices to the lab workstations. The students will need an Adobe ID to do so. If they don't have an Adobe ID they could just create one (free level). They would need to sign in with the same Adobe ID on both the Adobe apps on their mobile device and the lab machines. The desktop products (Ps/Ai/Id) themselves initiate background processes directly, CCLibrary.exe, to facilitate loading the content into the Libraries panel within the app, so having the Creative Cloud desktop app installed shouldn't be required. They should be able to just use the sign in option under the Help menu within the products. Each student would probably want to sign out when they are done using a particular lab machine too. That way other students wouldn't be able to  delete or change their assets.


            Hope that makes sense and helps,
            - Dave

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