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        thinkingmanhawaii Level 1

        This is precisely the point of this question: is the fault Apple’s or Adobe’s? Not to be _finding_ faults on purpose, but I have to tell you that the Magic Mouse works great for me just about everywhere else (except Safari 6, but don't even get me started on that right now ;-).


        Apple can only provide options for situations it knows about, mouse accelleration, movement and gestures are from an API embedded in Apple’s software. Adobe’s software does not use that in the case of InDesign, Photoshop and I’m pretty sure Illustrator and Acrobat as well. You can tell because scrolling and motion work completely differently in those programs, and the performance is not nearly that of Apple’s - but of course Apple doesn't have to do all that processing that Photoshop does.


        Therefore, if Adobe is writing their own control software, they should tune it with Apple's hardware and make it work more like Apple’s does, once and for all, or just use Apple’s APIs. Neither of these are easy tasks, but I have to tell you that this is some functionality that, for my own work, has become seriously broken in the last few years and I find it to be a real hindrance to productivity in the CS suite of applications.


        I’ve made suggestions to Adobe that made their way into Photoshop, so if enough of us do suggest these things, they will most likely listen.




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          rexprints Level 1

          The problem is important, long-standing, well-documented, and many of us have asked Adobe. I used the new features channel. What all else has been done is part of the mystery. What else could be done is another part of the mystery. Why it hasn't been done is the worst part of the mystery.

            I've got all my career eggs in Adobe's basket. Mysteries this real are worrying.

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            thinkingmanhawaii Level 1

            I just posted another request to Adobe. Let’s see if they respond to more user requests: https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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              flaming1 Level 2

              @rexprints, I was just offering my/our experience. I'm not sure how you take that as being unhelpful.


              In our studio's experience the Magic Mouse behaves perfectly well with Indesign. As I said, two of our operators don't like it, the other five do. Those five, of which I am one, have absolutely no issues with the Magic Mouse when using Indesign, and never have had any issues. So we aren't saying that we are happy with it behaving badly as you imply, we are happy with it because we don't experience the sort of behaviour that some people are finding.


              My brother is another user who struggled with the Magic Mouse, but he took the time to analyse how and why he was experiencing the issues, he found that he was inadvertently dragging his hand across the mouse's surface when he lifted his hand off to move to the keyboard. He also found that he tended to rest his palm flat on the mouse so it was more likely to happen for him. He subsequently moved back to the Mighty Mouse as he found it worked better for him.


              So, from our experience, a fair amount of the issue is squarely around the user and how they use the mouse. That's not to say that Adobe, or Apple, couldn't improve the situation for other users though.


              I wonder how your impression is any more helpful than ours...

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                rexprints Level 1

                Because using the same system, I don't have the same problems with other software. And if over a quarter of the users have that problem, it's a problem.


                Sorry if my comment was blunt and a bit offensive, but Adobe's got me by my software. It's almost all my business and what I teach at the college. I get a little sensitive.

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                  flaming1 Level 2

                  No problem @rexprints.


                  Just to be clear, I'm not saying that there isn't a problem, just that it's not so absolute. I'm not sure how many people it affects, so I can only speak from my direct experience. Some people have no problem, but it certainly sounds like others have major problems.


                  We too are well and truly locked into the Adobe way and don't have any alternatives, but we are not affected by the issue. The two people who don't use the Magic Mouse in our studio simply don't like using the mouse - in any situation, not just Indesign.


                  It would be interesting to know if you have any of your students that use the mouse without any issues. As I noted, in my brother's case there was a clear correlation in how he used the mouse and the issues he was having. When he watched how I held the mouse he could clearly see why I didn't have the same problem. Neither of us are right or wrong in what we were doing, and neither of us were deliberately trying to cause, or avoid, the issue. It was just the way we have 'evolved' our mousing technique/grip I suppose.

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                    thinkingmanhawaii Level 1

                    @flaming1: Most users actually drag their fingers and palms inadvertently against the mouse all the time. In fact, you don’t even have to touch the mouse for it to detect the proximity of your finger (test this using a piece of paper, and/or by holding your finger a millimeter from the surface). I think that for some people, especially those that live in humid island (i.e. perpetually slightly salty) environments as some do, the sensitivity of the mouse is increased. Therefore, Adobe should do test cases on the mouse in labs which are exposed to seaside and/or other conditions, or provide some sort of compensation. The mouse doesn’t behave this way for everybody, either, so it may have something to do with an individual’s electrostatic properties, which is what I understand the mouse surface is sensitive to.


                    Whatever the issue, it has to be solved, like, now—this is a serious annoyance. I keep scrolling through 50 pages of my document ten to fourteen hundred times a day.


                    On the other hand, getting to actually do some CS6 work is great! Love the apps!!

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                      Bill Lomax Level 1

                      Hey John,


                      Haven't read all the commentary here, but I do have a suggestion. Under your System Preferences (assuming Mac OS X Lion+) there is an icon labeled Mouse. Try easing back on the tracking speed, and disabling some of the More Gestures. It will slow down the response to your hand movements. You can always change them back for Safari, and other APPs where it's useful.


                      I have Magic Mouse issues in AI15 when dragging objects to copy them using the option key, that seems to trip a pasteboard resize - which is not my intent.


                      Bill Lomax

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                        flaming1 Level 2

                        @thinkingmanhawaii - can you honestly speak for the experience of Most users? I can only state my experience - I doubt very much whether anyone here can speak accurately for Most users of Indesign.


                        If I was to give accurate numbers for Magic Mouse users that I have direct experience with, Most users in our studio have no problems using the mouse with Indesign (5 out of 7 people).


                        I spoke to my brother again about his experience and he also confirmed that it was most definitely NOT just Indesign that displayed the issues. He said MS Excel had exactly the same issues for him. Again, this points (in his particular case at least) to the user as much as the software.


                        I've no doubt that it is a serious annoyance for people that if affects, but if that is the case why not just go back to the Mighty Mouse? It's still available from Apple and is still an option as a substitute for the Magic Mouse with any Mac purchase.

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                          re_volver Level 1



                          I have both a magic mouse AND a mighty mouse and have tested this problem between two iMacs at my work, and my iMac at home (all running Snow Leopard).


                          • InDesign CS3 scrolls beautifully - with either the magic mouse OR the mighty mouse. No problems.


                          • In every later version of InDesign, I touch the mouse, and I've suddenly scrolled 12 pages away from where I want to be... I can't even scroll from a left to right page without ending up on the far end of the pasteboard. Which mouse I use is irrelevant. Using the mighty mouse doesn't fix the scrolling problem in InDesign.


                          • I have NO problems using the magic mouse with InDesign CS3.


                          • I've had absolutley no issues in any other application with the Magic mouse. For me, it seems to be only InDesign, which is unfortunately the application I use the most often.


                          I've given up on the later versions of InDesign, and am using CS3 for my print layouts - simply because of this one problem. I do love the magic mouse - I like the ergonomics and the 360 degree touch scrolling in Illustrator. However I would happily switch back to the mighty, if it actually made a difference.


                          I can only speak to my specific experience, but it's the same experience on three separate workstations...

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                            if anyone is talking about the sliding around in Illustrator with the mouse actions do this to turn it off - it was driving me nuts too.


                            If you're not a fan of this feature, then you can disable it very easily. To do so, follow these steps:

                            1. Open System Preferences
                            2. Click "Universal Access"
                            3. Select the "Mouse" tab
                            4. Click "Mouse Options..."
                            5. Select your option from the drop-down menu next to "Scrolling"



                            http://www.daviddifran.co/home/2011/7/21/how-to-disable-inertial-momentum-scrolling-in-mac -os-x-lion.html

                            • 91. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID

                              This helped me in Illustrator CS6!

                              Life saver!

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                                Has a solution ever been found to this - this is getting pretty rediculous. Has anyone tried Indesign CC with Magic mouse and does that solve this issue??


                                I have tried all solutions such as turning off inertia scrolling, turning off all multi gestures, using a mouse plugin such as MagicPrefs and even fiddling with all the preferences within Ind - and more recently the solution somone posted about Preferences/ Universal Access/ etc. and this still does not help.


                                Just wondering if - since this is a 4 year old issue - if by some chance this has been addressed by Adobe (since it does not seem to be an Apple issue based on the fact the mouse works fine elsewhere including other Adobe applications).

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                                  re_volver Level 1



                                  I haven't found a solution to this, and I've pretty much given up. It extends beyond the magic mouse, in that the mighty mouse is affected too.


                                  I really am disappointed with some of the advancements Adobe has made - I understand the race to keep abreast of mobile communication and provide tools for developers and designers producing for these devices, but what good is a hammer if the handle is only three inches long? 


                                  For print-only output, I am sticking with CS3, where the tools run smoothly. If I need an interactive swf or PDF, I open said CS3 file in CS5, export and close without saving. It's unfortunate that Adobe ignores these finer points, especially with the price of the software. If there was a decent competitor for page layout, I would dump InDesign in a heartbeat, JUST because of this item and the fact that it's been unapologetically ignored for FOUR versions of the software.


                                  Whew.... thanks for listening.

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                                    Dougefresh091 Level 1

                                    Try one of the third party apps mentioned in this thread. They aren't perfect, but they are a solution. Maybe not the solution for everyone, but a solution nontheless.

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                                      rexprints Level 1

                                      This thread started in CS4, Nov 2009, and still no resolution from Adobe.

                                      I wish there was a way of seeing what percentage of users have this problem and what, if any commonality exists that would motivate Adobe to fix this.

                                        It's as if there was only one piano maker and the keys stick.

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                                        Same problem here, and not only me but every Mac and Adobe user that I encountered as well.


                                        Scrolling in Adobe apps is erratic and too fast, and scrolling with inertia only makes it worse.

                                        Since it is perfect in every other app or in system itself, we can only assume it is Adobe's fault.


                                        Pitty, Adobe could really benefit from the way apple handles scrolling with magic mouse and magic pad,
                                        but instead they use their own bloated API or whatever...


                                        Are they punishing us for using they're software, this is elementary user interface experiance...?!

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                                          flaming1 Level 2

                                          Indesign CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and now CC have all worked perfectly with both Mighty Mouse and Magic Mouse for our studio users.


                                          We have some new people using the Macs now since last time I posted - none of them are having any issues with the mouse scrolling in Indesign either though. All are using Magic Mouse.


                                          At home we have two Magic Mouse and one Mighty Mouse in use by three people in the house. None of us have any issues with the scrolling or performance of the mice in Adobe apps.


                                          There's no disputing it's an ongoing issue for some users, for whatever reason, but certainly not all users.


                                          Given that Adobe choose to ignore when tens of thousands of people sign a petition asking them to rethink their subscription model, I wouldn't hold out much hope of them addressing an issue that appears to only affect a small percentage of users.


                                          Just checked. That petition is now only a few signatures short of 50,000 people. No response from Adobe…


                                          Message was edited by: flaming1

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                                            MathPoli Level 1

                                            Same here: Magic Mouse works fine with CS5, CC on various (approx. 10) Macs: Mac Pros, iMacs, Mac minis.


                                            Although I noticed, that sometimes (due to dry fingers, esp. in the morning), the mouse pointer sometimes "jumps around". I have only one explanation for this: dry fingers *may* be more sensitive for electrostatic charging. As soon as the fingers have build up a thin covering of sweat, this jumpy behaviour is gone.

                                            • 99. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                              kunta_kinte Level 1

                                              It's not that it jumps uncontrollably by itself, it is more the way it moves... And it moves too fast and certainly not smoothly, and if You have enabled scrolling with inertia on magic mouse and touch pad and then you flick it it sends cursor straight to the moon; some 100 pages across your document, for example, and I won't turn that off, this is really useful option...

                                              So what I'm trying to say is that behavior of the magic mouse inside Adobe apps is really bad, not in any way in par with experience in other apps and system for that matter... everywhere else it works perfectly, but not with adobe, now whose fault is it then..?

                                              it is bad, bad, bad.... frustratingly bad... and I have very precise hand coordination and tactile sense, just FYI


                                              Hey adobe programers, get the mac, really...

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                                                I had to get a new Apple Magic Mouse last week when my Mighty Mouse refused to work anymore.  I think I dropped it too many times.  Anyway, I've experienced the same scrolling malfunction in InDesign. I'll be working on a page and then it goes flying in the another direction.  I've had to lock all my backgrounds, images, etc., because sometimes they are  mysteriously  misaligned.  I was pretty sure it had to be the fault of the mouse, and this thread confirmed it.  I have tried all the recommendations to no avail.  I would go back to the Mighty Mouse, but it isn't being sold anymore. This thread was started in 2009 and now it is 2014! 

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                                                  re_volver Level 1

                                                  @kunta_kinte, my experience was with both the magic mouse AND the mighty mouse - it didn't make any difference which I used, the scrolling was way, way, way too fast.




                                                  A couple of weeks ago we outfitted our production team with six brand new 27" iMacs running Mavericks, and we're all using the Magic Mouse.... and the erratic scrolling in InDesign is suddenly no longer an issue. 


                                                  It's an unfortunate solution that one needs to spend $2K to be able to use InDesign comfortably.

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                                                    slpersonette Level 1

                                                    I did find a solution that seems to work on my Mac.  If you go into System Preferences, Accessibility, Mouse Options and unclick Scrolling with inertia.  I did change it to scrolling without inertia, as this works much as the scroll wheel worked on the Mighty Mouse, but my pages in InDesign don't jump around like they used to.

                                                    • 103. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID

                                                      I had the scroll drifting problem in Illustrator and InDesign with my first Magic Mouse (2009) and installed the app MagicPrefs, which solved my issue.  When I got a new system and Magic Mouse (2014) I was a little disappointed to have the exact same problem.  This really should have been resolved, especially since a 3rd party figured it out.  Anyway, installing the app fixed it once again (couldn't find it in the app store: Download MagicPrefs for Mac - Adds functions and options to the Apple Magic Mouse. MacUpdate.com).

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                                                        rexprints Level 1

                                                        So this thread has been winding along since 2009, and jumpy pointing is still an issue. I just had somebody call me about it. I still put up with it on a wide variety of Mac's, versions of Adobe software, and a vast and sorry collection of pointing devices. (I'm a college prof in graphics; we have old systems, including me, I'm an old prof.) While MagicBullet software and hardware and settings and blaming the victim have all been discussed in this old thread, no solution is in sight. If only we could find out what's in the KoolAid that keeps the folks at Adobe from going nuts over this problem. They must use Adobe software, wouldn't you think.

                                                        End sarcasm.

                                                        Teeth still grinding.

                                                        • 105. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                                          flaming1 Level 2

                                                          Sorry to hear it's still an issue for you rexprints, but all these years later I still haven't come across anyone else that has this issue.


                                                          As noted before, Adobe don't care that tens of thousands of users don't want to rent their software, so they're pretty unlikely to care about an issue like this that in all probability affects only a very small number of people in comparison.


                                                          Since I last posted we have gone through a company merger and part of that involved a bunch of new Adobe CC users coming on board. None of them have this issue.


                                                          I do hope you find a solution eventually as it sounds like it would be almost impossible to work with that sort of issue.

                                                          • 106. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                                            rexprints Level 1

                                                            Thanks for the condolences, flaming1, but I'm past it. I tell people to consider it part of the zen training that comes free with every creative project. I told the client who just called (working on a new Mac Pro!) to concentrate on breathing.

                                                              And don't get me started on the Adobe Addiction. If I may correct you, one does not "rent" the software, one must lease it. The college used to buy software. That goes on the accounting ledger as an asset. We can, with difficulty, buy things. (It only took 6 years to upgrade from CS0 or 1 or whatever it was to CS6, budgets being what they are.) A lease is (and I have a degree in art, not accounting) a liability. There is no budget, not a small budget, no budget for incurring lease obligations.


                                                            So I agree. If only a lot of people have this very annoying problem, it won't get fixed. Years later, it hasn't. As I said above, Adobe has me by the software.

                                                            Breathe out.

                                                            • 107. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                                              Hazyface Level 1

                                                              Thanks to 7eleven for the tip on using MagicPrefs to fix this ridiculous issue. " 'cmon Adobe, just give us a preference to disable scrolling in the layout window!"


                                                              MagicPrefs takes a little setup and figuring out the presets, which has a quirky interface there. Start by clicking on the Configure Scrolling button. I unchecked the One Finger Scrolling for Diagonal and Horizontal (not Vertical because I still want to be able to scroll through my fonts and links). Then I adjusted the zone to exclude the left 1/3 or so of the area. (I tend to rest my finger there and don't want to trigger the fly-away vertically). Close that and go to InDesign to test it, go back and adjust if necessary. Now you want to make a preset just for InDesign. So type InDesign in the Preset area in the lower right of the main tab. Then you have to click on the settings (gear icon) and select "Export current settings into the preset". Now click the settings again and select "Bind Specific Applications to this preset". Find the InDesign app in your Applications folder, then click the + to add it so it's on the list there. Maybe add Illustrator there too while you're at it. Now go back to Configure Scrolling and undo the settings you made so that your scrolling works as normal everywhere else. You'll get a notification every time it loads the preset when you switch to InDesign, which will get old fast, so go to Notifications in System Prefs and find MagicPres on the list to turn those off. Here's the link to download again. Download MagicPrefs for Mac - Adds functions and options to the Apple Magic Mouse. MacUpdate.com

                                                              • 108. Re: Apple Magic Mouse and ID
                                                                charles austin miller Level 1

                                                                So, after 6 years of customers complaining to both Apple and Adobe about Magic Mouse hyper-sensitivity issues, the ultimate and official answer is this: "We don't  CARE, we're not re-engineering the mouse, and we're not going to alter application preference settings.  What is more, we're just going to refuse to answer your questions, so stop asking."


                                                                That about sums it up.


                                                                What irks me is that Apple is STILL selling the Magic Mouse, essentially unchanged, with all its hyper-sensitivity problems.  I know this because I just purchased a new iMac earlier this year (2015) and I'm enduring Magic Mouse problems as we speak.


                                                                My solution is incredibly simple: Go down to WalMart and buy the cheapest USB scrolling mouse you can find — I found one on clearance for about 5 bucks.  Plug the cheap USB mouse into your Mac.  Toss the Magic Mouse in a sock drawer and forget it, because it's junk.  Seriously, any dirt-cheap USB mouse with a scroll-wheel is far superior to the Magic Mouse.  Problem solved.

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