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    Permissions with Quicktime Photo-JPEG Rendering and Updating - Adobe is Messed Up Again (still)


      I'm sorry ... this is really, really frustrating.  I know, it's probably me.  But I know it's not.  Or at least, not just me.


      Adobe is totally messed up, and every few months I get to lose DAYS of time just dealing with messed up file permissions and garbage that NO OTHER program ever has problems with.


      I'm trying to update After Effects CC to see if the stupid Photo JPEG render gamma and chroma issues have been dealt with (2014.2 release still has this problem) but I can't update because my "Applications Manager" is missing or corrupted, so I download and install that, but it can't because of some idiotic problem ... same problem that I had before... the same problem that had two Adobe techs scratching their heads and taking over my computer for hours while I waited for them to show me the error of my ways, but geez, what was it?  A Quicktime problem. 


      So I reinstalled QT again, hoping, but no, something is MESSED UP so I can't update ...after all, is not the whole benefit of the subscription idea that we can update constantly and be up to date with the issues that they apparently don't care to fix?


      So WHAT do I have to do to get a program that works when I need it to?  As I said, I have problems with none of my other programs.  This is just nuts.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nobody can tell you anything without proper system info or other technical details. That aside, what do you hope Adobe would fix in a proprietary Apple product/ component? QT has been screwy for years and if you are still using those old CoDecs, you probably should consider switching to alternatives...



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            Mizamook Level 1

            Well it was more of a rant than a question ... the question was already asked (and answered) a few months ago - Renders Stall before Starting - Error (-1610153460)  but its back, and sadly the same "fix" isn't fixing it.  Probably needs a complete Adobe clean of the machine and start over (again).  So frustrating.

            And there's nothing wrong with PJPEG ... except from Adobe CC products, apparently. It is a viable codec in the stock industry, being PC based hobbles my ability to render to ProRes, and I'm happy with the results of going to PJPEG from Sony Vegas - no problems there ... my output looks just like my input, even when viewed at 400%.  But in After Effects CC (and apparently, according to some folks, any CC implementation) the colors shift in hue, and the gamma/contrast is noticeably different.


            I spent days with Adobe tech last year, convinced them finally that the problem is A) Real, B) Not me or my computer, and C) something that should be fixed, and they agreed to repair the problem by the next iteration of AE.  Maybe they fixed it in the latest, but I coan't tell because I can't update my AE due to screwy permissions problems that apparently are unique to the screwball way Adobe has things set up (not so easy to simply do a clean install).

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              Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

              Shouldn't this request be in an AfterEffects forum? Not a Photoshop forum? I wish I could find a better solution for you, but I did find this potential fix on another forum. It seems this may be RAM related (which would explain why it happens intermittently, do you have more programs running when you get the error?) and/or multiprocessor related. You can turn off in After Effects Preferences > Memory & Multiprocessing > Uncheck Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously (or try adjusting the settings) Can you copy and paste the Details settings from the Preferences dialog when this error occurs? So an After Effects guru can interpret what is happening? Instructions in this video: https://www.video2brain.com/en/lessons/using-render-multiple-frames-simultaneously-multipr ocessing.


              Are you Running After Effects CC 2015 (13.5)? What RAM, Processor and Windows version do you have? Multiprocessor settings (and technology) has recently changed. See this article: features not available in After Effects CC 2015 (13.5) | After Effects region of interest


              Suggested Fix


              Re: After Effects CC - Renders Are slow or Fail while using Multiprocessing
              by Darwinius Berar on Mar 26, 2014 at 8:02:36 pm
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              I encountered this problem many times on some big projects. My solution witch always works for me is:


              1. turn off multiprocessing


              2. add composition to renderq


              2. set output to image sequence and check Skip existing frames


              3. save the project and close AE


              4. open command prompt and type this(if you use CC i think you change CS6 to CC, i am not sure, i use CS6):


              C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS6\Support Files\afterfx.exe -project c:\projects\project_1.aep


              or you could go direct in Ae folder where afterfx.exe is located and use only


              aerender -project c:\projects\project_1.aep


              "c:\projects\project_1.aep" is the path to your saved project.


              Enter this command line 4-6-8 times, depending on your ram usage, each time you enter the command line will open an ae renderengine instance who will skip the files already written and you will render a lot faster then even AE multiprocessing.


              I always use this technique to render big projects and always works.