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    Lightroom:I can't see videos

    franlou Level 1

      my setup:
      Lightroom version: CC 01.01.2015 [1032027]
      Operating System: Mac OS 10
      Version: 10.10 [3]
      Views: 1) 2560 x 1440
      Information on the GPU:
      AMD Radeon HD 6970M OpenGL engine

      My question:
      After importing photos and videos (.mts, .mp4, .mov)
      I can see thumbnails of this videos; we can see the differents images when I mobilize the cursor over it;

      If I want to see them, I double-clicked;

      I got a white window with the following error message:

      "An error occurred while working on the video"

      there is no icon to begin playback; no way to see this video .
      With the same catalog on another computer, Mac Book, I do not have this problem ... Videos are visible.

      "you got it working with mc book that will answer me ..."

      But I must not viewing comfort of the 27 inch screen!

      Thanks for your help.