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    CfGrid & Flash Question

    KDN0211 Level 1
      I am trying to get HREF to work in CFGRID to no avail.

      I am using cfform typd html (I tried type Fasl as well.) I've tried using the href in the cfgrid tag only and in the crfrgidcolum only and in both. It only works if I change the cfgrid type to XML or HTML.

      It will neither highlight the data nor will it link. Is HREF not supported in Flash mode?

      Any hint on this would be MUCH appreciated!

      <cfgrid name="Test" height="250" width="450" query="GetPool" href="test1.cfm" hrefkey="onet2" appendkey="yes" highlighthref="yes" griddataalign="left" gridlines="yes" rowheaderalign="left" colheaderalign="left" selectmode="single" enabled="yes" visible="yes" format="flash" autowidth="true">

      <CFGRIDCOLUMN name="onet2" HEADER="Code" headeralign="left" href="test1.cfm" hrefkey="onet2">