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    Flash Player 18 not uninstalling 17.x or older versions during upgrade

    richstingray23 Level 1

      I always use the same way to install acrobat flash.  I download the flash msi from adobe and run the update using the command line options:


          MsiExec.exe /i "C:\temp\AutoInstaller\FLASHIE\full_flashplayer_win.msi" /qn


      When running this command it installs version 18 which is fine, but does not uninstall any older version that was previously installed. 


      In the past when updating to a newer version using this method the older version would automatically be removed.


      Is there a new command to update and remove rather than just installing the new version?  Did something change?


      What I do is that I have a startup script that looks at the version and if there is a new version download and installs it. In the past this was not an issue because it automatically remove the old version. I can use the WMIC to remove the old version, but then there could be a case of the script removing it, and the new version not installing correctly.


      Thanks for your help!