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    RH11 - SSL layouts slowing RoboHelp making it almost unusable

    Chris Rousset

      I am using RH11 and converted projects from RH6.

      We were previously using RoboHelp Server but decided to host our help documentation on a simple IIS server using Webhelp layout.

      Here is the issue:

      • One RH project
      • I have about 30 different layouts: 15 versions of the product each one being available online or on a BluRay disk
      • I have to publish each layout to different locations and our IIS servers are load balanced so for each layout I need to publish to two different locations
      • Result is I have about 60 different publishing locations

      I read in the following post about issue of slowness in RH8 when more than 3 publishing locations are configured in a single project Re: Single Source Layouts Slowing RoboHelp

      I did not see any resolution to this and now getting very worried as RH takes forever to open and selecting and opening layout takes 3 to 4 minutes

      I batch generate all my layouts and let it run and publish over the weekend so having all the publishing locations prepopulated is of utmost importance.

      Is there a workaround or solution to this issue? If RH cannot handle this it seriously takes a lot of value away from an automation perspective.

      Thank you!

      Christopher Rousset