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    Inconsistent display results for project -some see blank popup window, others having info missing from pop-up windows

    JHanson04 Level 1

      I'm not an experienced RoboHelp user.  I provide general I.T. services to a small company with 5 employees.  They exclusively produce documentation using RoboHelp.


      I say this to explain that I don't have any experience with using RoboHelp or generating documentation.  I'm just trying to help my client find a solution.


      They are currently having an issue where compiled RoboHelp documentation does not displaying properly in Internet Explorer (and gives different results on different workstations).


      User number 1 & 2 are on RoboHelp 11 and Internet Explorer 9.  These two are still on IE9 because they still have some RoboHelp 9 projects they have not converted over yet.  User 3 is on RoboHelp 11 and Internet Explorer 11.


      For Users 1 and 2, one of these two users would compile the project.  When viewing in Internet Explorer, the main window would display properly.  When they open a hyperlink in the project, the resulting pop-up window would display empty.  If User 3 with IE11 viewed the project in her IE11, the popup window would display blank as well.


      If User 3 re-compiles the same project, Users 1 & 2 still see a blank pop-up window.  If User 3 with IE11 viewed the project in her IE11, the popup window would display a lot of the info, but part of the text would be missing.

      If User 1 or 2 makes changes to a project and re-compiles it, they get the same results as the above mentioned project.

      They did not have this problem before.  Windows Updates are turned off, so there should not have been any updates to IE9 or IE11 to cause this.


      Any ideas?