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    How to hide a symbol


      I have a symbol on stage. How do I hide it on load time? Meaning where do I go to input the script, something like this:




      Am I supposed to open actions on the stage and choose something like on load?

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          resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can either set the display off on the stage or you can add code in compositionReady.  (image is on here).

          Select the symbol and choose display off

          then you will need to set it back on in code when you want it to appear.



          Or you can set display off in compostionReady with sym.$('symbolname').hide();


          and again reset it in code as above mentioned.

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            asifkabani Level 1

            Thank you for that. I am really struggling here trying to wrap my head around a few concepts as a newbie. Would you mind if I post some follow up questions? Or would you prefer I message you internally?

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              asifkabani Level 1

              resdesign So I have a symbol hidden on stage. The issue I am having is that when you click on an element it shows the symbol then plays it's internal timeline. One of the elements inside the symbol is a X, when you click on that X it is supposed to play in reverse so basically they fade in and on X click they fade out to play in reverse of the fade in. Issue I am having is that the X element fades out with the reverse animation and then comes back.

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                resdesign Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I am not sure what your structure is so it is difficult to know but in my experience, when these kinds of problems happen is because your object is still on the stage.
                realize that opacity even at zero does not remove the symbol. So you are problably still hitting the symbol though it is not visible.

                There are several ways you could correct the problem. You could hide the symbol when the opacity is 0 with sym.$('symbolname').hide(); and then when you want to have the opacity back to 100, you will have to show() the symbol again.

                Let me know what your structure is. screenshot if possible.

                if you want you can PM me a link to your files and I will check it out.