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    Help with style sheet not showing


      I'm generating a webhelp project using robohelp 11.  The design view looks as it should but after I generate and view it does not reflect my custom style sheet? Can someone please help?  thanks.

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          JaredHess Level 1

          In your Project Manager pod, under Style Sheets, is your style sheet showing up there?

          What about the directory your help builds to? Is your style sheet getting into that directory?

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            mxw0 Level 1

            Hi thanks for your reply.  I finally figured it out. No the stylesheet was not showing up in the Proj Mgr pod. I had to open up the WebHelp Setttings and select Content under the Content Categories left menu. Then click on the "Apply to all Topics" checkbox and add to the CSS radio button dropdown.  took forever to find out how to do that for some reason.  thanks for your time.