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    Cannot create a digital ID/signature

    EDoner Level 1

      I tried in vain to create a digital signature to enable me to sign and authorize a pdf doc today. With each attempt Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.2 asks for a digital file (defaults to a path of it's choosing) and a password.  I have no idea which password it wants.  No matter what I enter I get the same message: "Passwords don't match"  Don't match what??


      I spent over an hour with Tech Support Chat rep who commandeered my desktop and largely accomplished nothing.

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          Hitender Prakash Adobe Employee

          Hi EDoner,


          You might have given the password at the time when you created the digital signature.


          If you have forgotten the password, then you can create new digital signature and this time make sure to remember your password or write it somewhere.

          To create new digital signature do the following:


          1. While you want to apply your digital signature, it provides you a "Sign Document" dialog which has a "Sign As" dropdown list at the top in which your previous digital signature appears by default" and below it there is a "Password" field.


          2.You should select "New ID..." from the "Sign As" dropdown list and it will open a new window "Add Digital ID"

          .Select the Radio button " A new Digital ID I want to create now" and click next.


          3. Now select the radio button "New PKCS#12 Digital ID file" and click next.

          4. Enter the required details and follow the actions to complete the process and click next/Ok.

          5.Now it will ask you the location to store new Digital signature file (.pfx file, default path selected is like : "C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\10.0\Security\ " you can also change this location if you like by clicking at the "Browse".

          6. Now enter the password in two places as instructed. (This time write it somewhere so you dont forget ).

          7. Now onward you can use this digital signature for signing the files.( If you have more then one digital signatures then you will have to select this one from the Sign As dropdown list mentioned in 1st step while applying signatures.)


          You can delete your old digital signature file (.pfx file) whose password you have forgotten, this will also be in the same default location, if you had not changed the path during creation of that digital signature.


          I hope this information will be helpful.



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            tacitimagination Level 1

            The problem with the answer given below is that it doesn't address the true problem. 


            The error in Adobe's programming on this page for some users is that what is addressed above is that you cannot enter a password because there is only ONE place that appears....there isn't two visible places that the user can match. 


            To get around this, first enter your password in the box you can see (first box).  Then the work around is that you enter the TAB KEY.  This will put you into the next box (that you can't see) and you will re-type your password blindly.  Make sure that you are typing it in exactly as the first as you are typing in the proverbial ether.   Hit the 'accept' button (or enter or whatever the OK button is for the page--sorry, i don't have the exact reference in front of me--but i think this part is self-explanatory) that you can see.  Hope this helps.



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              Nikhil.Gupta Adobe Employee



              Can you please provide the following information so that the reason for such issue can be figured out:


              1. Version of Acrobat?

              2. OS: which service pack and 32bit/64bit

              3. Screen resolution of display information. For it go to run -> type "dxdiag". Please share the scrrenshots of 'Display', 'System' tab.


              Thanks in advance.

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                allthatissolid Level 1

                Wow, thanks for this!  I've created a million Digital IDs, and couldn't for the life of me figure out why it was telling me my password didn't match when I hadn't created on on this computer yet.  I just hit tab (realized you must be right because the cursor clearly shifts focus, but isn't visible), entered the same password again, hit tab and voila.


                Thanks again!

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                  allthatissolid Level 1

                  1. Adobe Acrobat X Pro

                  2. Windows 7, SP 1, 32-bit

                  3.  see below


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                    bmanonthego Level 1

                    Right on the money!  Just as explained, it worked as it should.  This, after I was about to call Adobe and ask what was I doing wrong.  There should be an upgrade for this!  Thank you brother for the peace of mind you brought.

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                      Creatinnovate Level 1

                      This is what happens when Adobe hires people who do not understand the language or thought process of another culture to write software code. They do this because they don't care about their country, their products, or their users. The problem manifests itself as hundreds of user hours spent trying to figure out how to make something work that wasn't designed correctly in the first place. This is yet another example of how Adobe is disrespectful of the time & money its user community invests to solve problems with its software. As you can see in this exchange, the user community had to come up with a work-around. Worst of all - This problem still has not been resolved by Adobe.

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                        dar2014 Level 1

                        Thank you so much. This worked. How the hell do they expect a user to know to do this?!  Thank you!

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                          IsakTen Level 4

                          This problem happens on small screens with small resolution (many laptops). In this case the bottom of the dialog falls off the screen and you do not see the field where you enter the password. It has nothing to do with the disrespect for other cultures. It happened on English systems as well.

                          AFAIK it was fixed in the latest version of Acrobat XI (definitely in 11.0.09 and possibly earlier than that). I also think it was fixed in the latest version of Acrobat 10 (10.1.12 and possibly earlier) but am not sure abour that. So, upgrading Acrobat should help.

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                            mol5634 Level 1

                            This does not happen just on small screens with small resolutions. This also happens on my desk top (Pro v10.1.13). It could be fixed by using a larger dialog box, giving the option to resize the dialog box, or adding a scroll bar. Spent a very frustrating 30mins trying to remember a password that I didn't need.

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                              deb beaman Level 1

                              I can't believe that I have struggled for over an hour with this same issue, called Adobe which was no easy task, and they were no help at all, and I found this post, tried it, and it worked! Thank you tacitimagination!!!! SHAME ON ADOBE FOR NOT FIXING THIS, AND BACK PORTING THE FIX TOO!!!!

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                                katnay51 Level 1

                                I have been struggling with this for a long time as I have helped other staff create their digital signatures over the years.  This is why many people don't use an adobe signature, they can't figure out how to get past the problem of only one password field showing.  I have a 24" touch screen on my up to date desktop at work and it doesn't show on it either, so it has nothing to do with the size of the screen.  I have even changed my font size in the display settings and that did not help.  I can't believe Adobe hasn't fixed this glitch in so many years!!!!!


                                But I do love you Adobe, just fix this.

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                                  katnay51 Level 1

                                  No, you are wrong, Isakten.  Still happening!

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                                    katnay51 Level 1

                                    The work-around is explained below by Tacitimagination (thank you!).  But it has not been fixed as of Adobe X Pro 10.1.15.  Come on, you guys, figure it out.

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                                      chrystinp Level 1

                                      This is a great fix, but was not as clear to me as it must be to others.  I had to try several times before I realized that once you use the tab key you don't actually see anything happening on the screen. Once I figured that out, then I could make it work.  I know you stated that you don't see anything and you are typing blindly, but that didn't compute for me until after multiple attempts.  Sometimes my brain just doesn't get what is being communicated.


                                      I've done lots of digital signatures, and this is the first time I've run into this problem.  I had a digital signature set up on this computer (Windows 7, 64 bit, Acrobat PRO X) and it mysteriously disappeared and then this happened.


                                      Forum support almost always has a fix, which is greatly appreciated.

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                                        Jefferson Woodman Level 1

                                        At least on Windows 7, this occurred for me as well when the default font size in Windows was set above 100%; resetting this to 100% caused both the password and the confirm password dialog boxes on that prompt to be visible.  (Control Panel --> Appearance and Personalization --> Display --> Smaller (100%)).This took me quite a bit of head scratching and general thrashing about to resolve, so I hope this information is helpful for you.