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    After updating my LR 5.5 to the 6.2.1 : I cannot import videos.



      LR 5.5 was working fine on Mac OSX 10.9. Managing 200 000 photos.

      I just upgrade to 6.1.1.

      and now I can't import videos. In fact if there is a video in the card/directory to import, the thumbnails generation freeze on the first vidéo, and all the import process is halted.

      Old imported videos are playing well in LR.

      I tried to restart LR and reboot the os. No changes.

      I tried to upgrade to 6.2.1. No changes.

      I tried to upgrade to Mac OSX El Capitan. No changes.

      Does somebody could help me ?




      It seems that the export process is halted too if there is videos to be converted. Workaround : export to the original format.