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    Invalid API Key when attempting to import signed doc for merge settings in Salesforce

    janm123 Level 1

      I am having an issue with setting up my Echosign Agreement Template in Salesforce.  I was able to send the initial doc for signature and now want to import and map fields for merge.  The document has been sent and signed successfully.  I had been getting an error saying that the doc could not be found.  I then updated the API key and now I get Unable to retrieve form fields for the specified agreement: The call to the EchoSign web service call to retrieve the agreement document key returned an error message 'null' and error code 'INVALID_API_KEY'


      To get the key, I went to the Adobe Console under Adobe DC esign API and then API Applications and selected the key for Salesforce.  I input that into the Echosign configuration in Salesforce.  I even tried generating a new key.


      Any advice would be appreciated!