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    Lightroom opening/closing

    Chris photosw

      2 weeks ago i posted this:-

      lightroom cc opening then immediately closes... logging out/in... Not working... tried Reinstalling... Not working... Any other suggestions?

      Followed all the advice without result   I got a result using this:-

      Well while i (& maybe others) wait to see if there are going to be any fixes to Lightroom cc opening/closing imeadiatly... & Trying all else - I now open lightroom cc via an older catalog, (found in Bridge folder marked Lightroom) when lightroom was working & i can still use all lightroom Not right but a slight solution... 


      Then another update with still not result...

      Now what i've also tried is when opening the catalogue (as above) & doing further checking on different Adobe faults/issues)) - I found maybe another solution... When eventually getting  into Lightroom I disabled the Graphics Card associated.... This seems to have corrected the Fault... I can now open Lightroom via the app on the desktop/cc???


      Now not sure what is happening? - nor weather i shoulder-establish the Graphic when in? -  Nor keep enabling when in /dis-abling - when leaving???

      I have for referance a - Mac Pro with El-Capatain installed

      The Graphics card showing is the AMD Radeon HD 6770 M


      I'm not sure if this helps anyone? I hope Adobe might still be working on a fix?????????????????????