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    Cannot run MS update KB3099406

    brianm56121524 Level 1

      My windows 8.1 64bit PC received update KB3099406, with changes/update to Flash Player.  When I ran it, the update did not complete - either saying "There was a problem installing updates" or completing the installation before reboot and then upon restart ending with "We couldn't complete the updates - Undoing changes - Don't turn off your computer"  I've Googled everything I can think of and tried most applicable recommendations, with no progress.  My current version of Flash is, and I am told by Adobe that I don't have the latest version  Is there anything that will work to fix this?  By the way, my Flash on IE11 and Chrome has been experiencing several issues, particularly playing streaming videos with random brief hesitation in the audio followed by hesitation in the video (to catch up) on youtube videos (HTML5 videos work okay it seems) and random audio hesitations in Candy Crush.  I used to experience random crashes and blue screens in Candy Crush, but think (hope) these have stopped.