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    Epub from InDesign error


      seeing this result: HTML5 DOCTYPE definition within EPUB v2.


      Any advice?


      Thank you!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Version of InDesign? What kind of EPUB—reflowable or fixed layout?


          What's the problem?

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            Not the original poster, but I just saw the same thing myself.


            ID CC 2015.1, reflowable EPUB version 2.01, when I run the file through the validator here: EPUB Validator (beta) I get the same error. I can break the file open and fix it, of course, but I'd prefer not to have to...

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              I have the same error.


              Epub Files that previously were exported from InDesign CC 2015 (a few weeks ago) and were then successfully put through the idpf validator have this error when I put them through validator:


              Detected version: EPUB 2.0.1

              WARNING  ./tmp/uploads/1445345765566_0000024479/inputFile/Trada_HealthAndSafetyManagementWoodworkFu rniture (1).epub/cover.xhtml(-1,-1)

              Message: HTML5 DOCTYPE definition within EPUB v2.

              Validated using EpubCheck version 4.0.0

              It seems to refer to the cover and although I have tried various images and even rasterizing first page option, it makes no difference.

              As above, I can break the file open and fix it, if I know what I am looking for! What should the DOCTYPE definition be for EPUB v2?

              Any help gratefully received....

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                I work in InDesign CC 2015, that generated this warning.

                When I open it in Indesign CS6 and make the ePub there is no problem...

                So, how to solve it in Indesign CC 2015?

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                  merela19680421 Level 1

                  Ha, how do you fix it? I don't know how to do that.


                  Yes it refers to the cover!

                  When you use an earlier version there is no problem...

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                    Ellis home Level 4

                    I ran an old .epub file through EpubCheck and didn't get the warning. Comparing the cover .xhtml files I could see the only difference is that <!DOCTYPE html> is not present on the old one. So I deleted it from the new one, run it through EpubCheck and there's no warning. Others with more knowledge about coding can probably give us a more technical explanation, but for the moment, deleting <!DOCTYPE html> from the cover .xhtml does the trick.

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                      merela19680421 Level 1

                      Thank you very much, it works!

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                        becca_j Level 1

                        Thanks for the responses. I tried deleting <!DOCTYPE html> from the cover.xhtml and rezipping the file but it just generated more warnings from the idpf validator!


                        I'm reluctant to change too much which may cause future problems with the file.


                        Presumably this is an InDesign CC bug that can be fixed in a future update....

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                          Ellis home Level 4

                          What are you using to open/rezip the .epub file? If done correctly it shouldn't affect the .epub file. That being said, the issue in question just appeared recently. I was working on .epub files two weeks ago and didn't get the warning. It was prompted either by an update to Indesign or EpubCheck.

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                            All xhtml-files in EPUB 2 usually contains the doctype-tag

                            <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.1//EN"



                            In EPUB 3, which is based on HTML 5, the doctype is supposed to be <!DOCTYPE html>.


                            Indesign CC 2015 seems to export EPUB 2 with an EPUB 3 doctype for the xhtml-file that contains the cover image and is named cover.xhtml. Which is not correct.


                            EPUB files containing this error passed the previous version of epubcheck but will not pass the current version 4.0 which causes problems for us, even though it is clearly an Indesign error.


                            The best thing to do in my opinion is to enter the correct doctype-tag in cover.xhtml, preferably using a proper tool for this to avoid zip-problems. I use OxygenXML. This was posted quite a few years ago regarding EPUB 3 and doctype, but I guess it is still valid.


                            The error occurs if you choose to rasterize the first page or include a cover image in the export options, but if you choose "nothing" (or similar, I don't have the English version so I don't know what it says) the first file will have the correct doctype. However, if you choose "nothing" the cover image will not be displayed on its own page, and that doesn't look very nice.


                            Let's hope this error will be fixed soon!

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                              I've been on chat for a looooonngggg time with Adobe supportdesk this morning. They deny that it's an error in Adobe Indesign CC, so the problem seems to be in the IDPF-validator epubcheck 4.0. Do not wait for Adobe to fix this problem, because they don't consider this their bug/issue. Their answer was, if it works in iBooks or Adobe applications, there's no problem so no errors. Problem solved (in their opinion).

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                                FrancinevdB Level 1



                                After a few hours tryin to fix this problem...I've changed to exporting as reflowable-epub 3. I didn't change anything besides that. This file was successfully validated by epubcheck 4.0 (Oww yess). The cover doesn't seem to be a problem anymore and no more warnings about HTML 5-Doctype-Error.

                                Could you (topicstarter Murphykeane) try this as well? Please let me know if this works for you, I'm curious!

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                                  FrancinevdB Level 1

                                  For the record: I'm using Indesign CC 2015

                                  Schermafdruk 2015-10-23 16.01.16.png

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                                    Keith Stevenson

                                    Thanks! I was having the same problem. Works now, but annoying that this should start happening suddenly.