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    Adobe Creative Cloud HTML 5

    nsvsrk Level 1

      Let us say I create some digital assets using Adobe Photoshop or illustrator today.

      Tomorrow I use Dreamweaver to make a web page using these assets.

      Or using AEM, content authors create a web page using these assets and templates/components created by developers.

      This web page, created using Dreamweaver or AEM needs to be HTML 5 compliant.


      With this requirement in view, if I were to select an asset creation tool from Adobe Creative Cloud, which is the best among them?


      I don't have any more details at this point of time.


      For someone starting the journey with clean, empty slate like me and having HTML 5 compliance goal, what could be the best among Creative Cloud Tools to use?

      What is the Adobe's published recommendation?


      Or is there a set of directives, or warnings that I could offer against the individual tools? Something like "You could use Illustrator, but beware of ..........".


      I highly appreciate all your support.