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    false color in preview of all catalogued pictures


      Hi @all,


      I'am new in this forum and new in experience with lightroom 6 (updated to 6.1.1).

      My camera is a Nikon D810. Dell Notebook with Windows 8.1, 8GB RAM, Graphic HD5200 (?).

      I have imported all photos into the catalogue and in the small-picture preview of the catalogue I can see that the picture change in very wrong color one after one.

      In the first moments all pictures seems to be good and after a while most of the pictures are changed to wrong colors.

      When I click on one of the picture the whole picture is in false-coloured.

      On other side the original Nikon-Software can't view all photos correct. Some of the pictures are viewed as mixed pictures (a part of the picture is from the next picture).

      I'am very frustrated about this problems.

      Yesterday I have updated to 6.1.1 and have updated to the actual Nikon NEF-codec 1.27.0.


      thanx and greetings @all,