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    Adobe selling its own software that is illegal and bogus



      Adobe selling its own software that is illegal and bogus


      Adobe Software Company has just recently changed their products usage policies where you can only now paid to lease use their software products and have eliminated the boxed purchase products. This means that you can only use their products from an online source and basically be renting the usage on a month by month basis. Adobe has had a big issue with hackers getting their CD keys for product activation. Any boxed product now below Adobe creative suite CS 6 is no longer supported by Adobe. People pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for these boxed products which are currently still on the market from hundreds of thousands to millions of these boxed products are for sale by retailers worldwide.


      This means that people who are currently purchasing these brand-new boxed products from retailers for thousands of dollars, get the product and install it on their computers then enter the CD key for their product to activate it and it kicks back as not correct CD key in order to activate the product. What Adobe has been doing with the boxed products is when the CD keys for these products shows up as being installed on more than one computer they flag those numbers to an inactive status. This means that those CD key numbers can no longer be used including the original purchase owners of the software products. With Adobe currently not supporting these only slightly classification as older programs (2006 to present)any more, people are paying retailers thousands of dollars for these boxed products that will not work now. With there being millions of these new and unopen boxed products still currently on the market for sale, there is an unknowing amount of these products that have had their CD keys picked by hackers and have been used and flagged by Adobe as inactivate.  These CD keys are still currently being illegally obtained and distributed by hackers.


      Every consumer that currently buys any of these boxed products might get usage of their legitimate CD key once if it has not been previously used, then when some happens to their computers nine months to two years down the road and they try to reinstall the product using their legitimate CD keys then it kicks back as not accepted to which Adobe has flagged that CD key which belongs to that purchaser and they can no longer activate the product again because there is no more support from Adobe.


      In this case Adobe would be selling bogus and fraudulent software that does not work because there is no recourse for the legit purchaser to obtain a legal CD key to activate that product from Adobe anymore. Adobe has created a consumer nightmare and fraudulent selling of their current boxed software that is still on the market due to this issue with the CD keys to activate the products. To further complicate the issues of this illegal software Adobe is selling, they shipped all their technical support and support to India to which they know nothing about the legal issues that Adobe has been shrugging off, due to the fact that there is no way to contact Adobe in the United States for these issues. Adobe has a literally told its consumers by its actions that we don’t want anything to do with you. If you do get in contact with Adobe stateside all they do is send you back to their tech support and customer support areas which are not in the United States and are all in India with no consumer recourse other than a big circle jerk from Adobe. Adobe needs to be currently charged with selling fraudulent and bogus software to the public’s general consumers costing them thousands of dollars for products that do not work. This issue needs a serious look at an action taken against Adobe. Adobe’s corporate headquarters is listed as being in California.