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    Adding Lightroom Web Gallery to a Muse created website hosted by BusinessCatalyst


      I have recently created a website using Muse and Business Catalyst to have as a host to web galleries I will create in Lightroom.  The site creation seemed to work well as did the addition of a first web gallery.  Both exist, can be accessed via a browser and are functioning correctly.  I have now tried to add a second gallery without intentionally making any changes.  The site and gallery one are still there but when I upload the new one from Lightroom I get the error message "FTP transfer failed with message "the resource does not exist".  It patently does but I do not know what I am doing wrongly.  I have spent hours on the telephone to Adobe Lightroom Helpline but they have been unable to help and said I needed to refer to the Muse equivalents but they do not have any telephone support.  I posted to the Muse forum but they say it is a Lightroom issue.

      Help please!