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    We had all our stock credits mysteriously disappear last weekend.


      We had over 1000 Images on Friday and then 0 Images on Monday.

      Our Adobe Stock Large plan seemed to switch to a trial plan for some unexplained reason.

      We have established with Adobe Stock Support that we are on the "Adobe Stock Large" plan.

      We pay our $200 for 750 stock images per month.

      They said by Thursday November 5 that they would have answers as they had to "escalate" the matter, but still there have been no answers, and we have waited patiently for four days. I have ried chatting with support and we have also tried phoning a couple times to calmly express our situation. Unfortunately no one seems to be able to turn our service back on. This is very frustrating as we rely on Adobe Stock and only recently made the switch from Thinkstockphotos.com.

      So far they have said that the issue is on their end, but can't give us any more details and they can't seem to easlily fix this.


      How hard is it to switch our plan from the trial version back on to the "Adobe Stock Large" plan that we had?

      And how are we not being treated like we are a priority, this feels like an easy fix?


      Has anyone else ever have this happen to them with Adobe Stock?