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    I am in a crash/recovery infinite loop. If I say no to crash recovery I loose an hour or more of creative work that's hard to recreate in that amount of time.

    wideEyedPupil Level 1

      Any solutions?


      just BTW this ID update is a piece of **** as far as I'm concerned. constant crashing. All I was doing was changing a Para Style for main body text to a different font face (family) and it had so other styles based on it. When I had the preview box checked it was causing crashes. so I naively thought, ok try it without preview and see if it works. now it crashes ID every time I try to recover document.


      is there any way to hack the recovery document file to change a paragraph style? I don't even know where the recovery file is located but presumably in Application Support folder or something? It's a INDD file not a INML file so is it even possible to hack at all?