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    Asus G751- Raid 0 vs SSD


      Hello there!


      I am upgrading to a better laptop for editing HD projects and wanted some help on the best disk setup for my particular laptop situation.

      So far I have been working with a simple two drive system:

      C: OS and Apps, Exports and Cache (240GB SSD)

      D: Media (750GB 7200RPM)


      I know that is literally the bare minimum and so with my next machine I wanted to do it better.

      I have settled on the Asus G751 as my next machine but have a budget I must stick to of $1850 USD


      To my knowledge the G751 has only 1 Sata III slot and 2 Sata II slots, assuming I remove the ODD and use a 9.5mm caddy.

      It sort of makes up for this limitation with 4 usb 3.0 and a thunderbolt port but in any case, I so far have worked out the following options.


      C: OS and Apps, Exports and Cache (500GB Samsung 850 Evo)

      D: Media (2x1tb 7200RPM in Software RAID 0)




      C: OS and Apps, Exports and Cache (240GB SSD Reused from my current machine)

      D: Media (1TB SSD Samsung 850 Pro)


      The second option allows for even another drive to be added later on for the export and cache use, but for now it would still be only two drives.

      So is it better to max out all the drive spaces with a raid 0 or stick with a single ssd?

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          RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

          i think its safe to say most people here will pick the second option with two ssd's.

          you may also want to look at the new i7-6xxx laptops, like the asus G752. they should have several next gen tech upgrades over the G751.

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            SSD any day.  I do not know which G751 you are looking at but my G750JW has two SATA III slots and the optical drive is definitely SATA II, both SATA III ports work super and get every bit of performance the SATA SSD's can provide.


            Do not bother to remove optical drive and buy another storage device.  Get yourself a best in class USB 3.0 flash drive and you will have a storage device that will be about 2-3x the performance of any SATA II bottle-necked device.  That USB 3.0 device is plugged in to this laptop right now as when I finish this I will be editing a concert.  All my project file and media are on it and when I get through editing I go to my desktop and the whole project is ready for exporting and disc production.  What I am referring to is the Samsung T1 USB 3 flash drive.  They are available in 250GB, 500GB and 1TB capacities.  Best laptop accessory I have found.so far, until they start delivering the new USB 3.1 devices

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              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

              there are already usb 3.1 drive cases for sata ssd and m.2 drives available, as well as thunderbolt drives. getting a next gen laptop like the asus G752 with usb 3.1/thunderbolt 3 type-c connections enables this tech now, and avoids being locked to the slower speeds of usb 3.0. the new asus G752 also supports an internal pcie m.2 ssd. depending on the storage space required, the OP may be fine with 2 internal drives and avoid external all together. samsung has already announced a 1tb m.2 and 4tb sata ssd.

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                Boncrek Level 1

                Thank you both for the quick response.

                My budget is pretty strict and it has to work with my backup system which constitutes a 1tb rugged external usb 3 drive.


                An m.2 ssd would be very fast for sure but when i try to configure anything together with M.2 it just climbs out of my budget.

                The G752 has a slower CPU as well as the way I understand it is the 6700HQ is on par with the 4720HQ but they turbo to different speeds with all cores so the 4720HQ wins out there.


                I prefer the styling of the G751 as well.

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                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                  its not fair to compare clock vs clock on different gen cpu's, but those cpu's are benchmarking very close. suggesting intel dropped the ball on skylake IPC gains. so that leaves the laptop's next gen features as the main benefit. going with last gen will be somewhat cheaper as they have already started reducing prices on them.

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                    Boncrek Level 1

                    Yeah I currently have a 4700MQ in my laptop so it isn't going to be a night and day difference.

                    The thinness of my current laptop (MSI GP60) restricts the turbo clock to 2.9Ghz after a few mins of rendering which makes me think the Asus would be more powerful in allowing the full turbo clock possible.

                    With the GPU taking care of any heavy effects I am confident the Asus will be sufficient power.

                    Thanks again for all your help.