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    Exported files do not look the same as in Lightroom CC


      I am exporting in Lightroom CC and using srgb as my colorspace. I use Picasa as my photo viewer and my photos are darker when using Picasa. I tried using the "use color management" in picasa and that helped with drastic gamma shifts but there is still a noticeable difference between Lightroom. I have tried every colorspace possible as well as using my Colormunki display ICC profile. The Colormunki seems render the closest to Lightroom and display the same in picasa whether or not I use color management. I uploaded three different export versions to Smugmug (srgb, colormunki, and Adobe RGB) and they all display the same.


      My questions are:


      1. How can I make my exports match what I see in Lightroom?


      2. Is it advised to export in the Colormunki calibration ICC profile?



      Lightroom Photo View.jpg

      Above is a screen shot from how my image looks in Lightroom.


      Picasa Photo Viewer.jpg

      Above is a screen shot of how my image looks in Picasa with color management off after exporting in the srgb colorspace. I am showing this version because it is more noticable and illustrates my point better. Using color management helps but does not match Lightroom.


      Colormunki profile.jpg

      Above is a screenshot of the export under the Colormunki ICC. This one is the closest to what I see in Lightroom but when compared closely there are small differences.