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    How can I make the zoom with mouse scroll use smaller increments?




      I hope someone can help. I've searched the forums and seen similar issues but can't seem to find a definitive answer or one that helps. I've been using Photoshop CS4 for years now on a Mac, with a Magic Mouse and the scroll to zoom feature is really smooth and zooms in small increments. I've recently downloaded Photoshop CC trial (latest) and the zoom feature is there, but it zooms in huge jumps as opposed to small, smooth ones.




      CS4 zoom jumps: 33.33%, 32.52%, 31.73%, 30.95%, 30.2%

      CC zoom jumps: 66.67%, 33.33%, 16.67%, 8.03%, 3.87%


      As you can see, zooming is smooth on CS4 which is perfect, but on CC it just jumps wildly in and out which is the only thing holding me back from upgrading, as it causes such a problem whilst working. Can anyone suggest why this is happening and how to stop it and revert to a much smoother mouse scroll zoom please as per CS4?


      If it helps, here's my system:


      iMac 27, i7 3.4, 2gb 6970 radeon graphics, apple magic mouse


      Many thanks