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    How does indesign calculate the x in itemtransform="1 0 0 1 x x" in a rotated element


      Hello adobe forum,


      open indesign > new Document > place an rectangle for example > save as "enter_name_here".idml > change the name to "enter_name_here".zip > extract the files to folder > open Spreads/spread_ud7.xml in notepad++ to see the itemtransform

      now go back to indesign, rotate the rectangle and do the above again, then look at the itemtransform how is that calculated in indesign?



      For a project im working on i need to know how indesign calculates/generate itemtransform


      when the element is not rotated the itemtransform = "1 0 0 1 0 0"

      then when I rotate the element  the itemtransform = "1 0 0 1 somecordinate someothercordinate"


      why is that and how is it done if have look in almost every documentation but could not find a clear awnser