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    copy & paste problem with default text in APE14 timeline

    paule44110055 Level 1

      I'm four weeks new with Premiere Elements 14. Here's my problem:   In timeline I inserted "default text," i.e., names and other info.  Next, I  copied and pasted that "default text"  in another place in the timeline.  But when I edited the content of the second "default text", it automatically changed the first default text in the first box,too.  But I don't want "default text" box 1 to change and be the same as "default text box" 2, except to keep the same font type and settings as I set-up in the first box. 

      What am I missing here?  

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          You cannot do the copy/paste for your titles without editing one and ending up with the same edit for all.



          1. Create the first title in the Titler.

          2. With the Titler closed, go to Expert workspace Project Assets, right click the thumbnail for the title, select Duplicate.

          3. Then drag that Duplicate to the Timeline where you double click it to open the Titler for edits of it.

          4. And, so on.


          This is the same for Premiere Elements (14 and earlier).


          Please consider and then let me know if I have target the information that you sought.


          Thank you.