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    AVCHD creation results in FATAL ERROR


      System running windows 7 64bit, Adobe Premier Elements 12


      I created a video complete with title, cross-dissolve transitions, and a fade to black.  I can create a DVD version, but when I try to create a AVCHD version (to disk or DVD) it goes through the "encoding media" state successfully, but almost as soon as it starts "Burning to Folder" (or disk) after getting 3% done I get a FATAL ERROR message and it stops processing.


      THIS IS A BUG.


      The solution is to use an HD version of the TITLE from the HD Templates Titles & Text menu.  The rest of the transitions and fade to black work fine when creating either an AVCHD or DVD. However, when you use the title- you CANNOT use a General Title!


      However, you can use a HD title when you create a STANDARD DVD!


      Adobe, please give the user a credible error message that makes sense!  Or better yet- either make the Non-HD titles compatible with AVCHD, or just get rid of them and move them all the HD-titles.  This took  a while to figure out and while I found some useful info via "google", this stopped my video creation dead in its tracks.  I know for sure that this was not a problem two versions back since I did the same thing then and had no issues.