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    What exactly is the Adobe Stock "free" offer?

    chrisuren Level 1

      Every time I open Photoshop, I get a screen advertising 10 "free" images from Adobe Stock. I was interested to check out the photos close up, but you can't see any without signing up, and the fine print in the advertisement says, "Receive a one-month refund on Adobe Stock when you subscribe...to an annual plan..." So it sounds like this isn't a free-trial offer at all, as I first thought--apparently I'll be charged for that first month if I decide to cancel the subscription. But this page says "Cancel risk free within the first month." So does that mean I won't be charged for the first trial month if I cancel?

      After seeing all the trouble other forum users are having with canceling the subscriptions after signing up, I'm not sure I want to do it anyway, but I'm curious to know what the offer actually is.

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          Brad Lawryk Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The offer is basically first month free on a year subscription. You pay the first month and that gets refunded to you. Where it becomes 'free' is that you can download your 10 images and then cancel within the first month without penalty. However, if you don't cancel within the first month you will be on the hook for the full year or pay a penalty fee to cancel.


          You are also correct that there seems to be no real way to cancel at present other than posting here. So if you aren't planning on keeping Stock, then it may be in your best interest to pass. I hate saying that as I am a huge fan of Adobe and Stock.


          You can search the images without being signed up for a subscription, you can even add them to libraries without having a subscription. You can even license individual images without a subscription.

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            chrisuren Level 1

            Thank you! I'm guessing what you wrote is correct, so I'll mark it as such, although I suppose I'd have to be an Adobe staff member to know for sure.

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              I was told that if you don't cancel within fourteen days they will bill you for a minimum of half the remaining 11 months.


              this offer is so misleading it's basically false - OR the customer service is giving out inaccurate info.


              Two people and Two departments told me this information. today.

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                Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                Hi lmm


                Sorry for the confusion caused.  With the Adobe Stock first month free promo you automatically receive a refund for the first month and can cancel within 30 days without penalty if you do not wish to continue with the subscription.